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A brief while ago, we at Raw Diaries were a work-fueled ‘9 to 5’, ’10-10’ corpoRAWts enduring the corporate way of life. After bracing through societal judgment, a lot of contemplation, and an undying passion for everything, we believed in the crazy dream of making Raw Diaries a “One-stop-shop” for anything and everything travel.

In this pursuit, we have explored more than 70 cities and 21 States in India, and lived in 4 countries and built a strong community of like-minded, adventure embracing travellers like you.

This journey has opened our eyes in identifying the tight-spots that fellow travellers face, from planning their itinerary to little hacks that can save some dough and time. The aim is to share these true to life stories and experiences with you.

Raw Diaries is a brainchild of Paro. Conversation on How, When and Where – could take a while. After she shared her undying zeal for this idea with the team at Raw Diaries, rest is ‘history in the making’.

We would love for you to be part of our journey – Come join us on our adventure!!

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Parumita is a corporate lawyer turned Travel Entrepreneur and a Vlogger. She fell madly in love with Travel and decided to go all in. That is how Raw Diaries came into existence. She is the beauty and brains behind Raw Diaries. She is dependable, quirky, and laughs at her own jokes -a true social butterfly.

At Raw Diaries, she is our very own “Miss 360


Head of Content

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Deeksha is a finance professional with an innate calling for a wholesome unplanned vacation. Her abilities to consolidate life narratives into a compelling conversation while stargazing makes her an ideal travel bud. Her love for music, poetries and small simplicities of life equips her with creating true to life and original content.

At Raw Diaries, she is the “perfect vibe-check

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Explore the Raw Destinations

Gokarna is a small town located in Northern Karnataka. It is believed that, Lord Shiva emerged from the incarnation of mother earth in the form of a cow and hence the name Gokarna which etymologically translated to ‘cow’s ear’.

Apart from it being historically and mythologically rich, it is also a heaven for

solo travellers with plenty of unique stays and cafes to offer.

One can also expect numerous adventurous sports, beach treks and cycling destinations.

✅ Raw Diaries certifies Gokarna to be safe for women travellers & solo travellers.

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Looking for some offbeat pristine beaches or adventure water sports? Maybe some stargazing and camping while devouring the yummiest food? Well, this is your place 📍 Karwar, Karnataka, India.

KARWAR is a hidden beach city of Karnataka, which is only an hour away from both famous tourist destinations Gokarna and Goa. Well, if you are looking for a luxury trip – do checkout their private beach resorts at very affordable rates.

✅ Raw Diaries certifies Karwar to be safe for women  & solo travellers.

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Rishikesh is a holy city in the heart of Uttarakhand and majorly attracts the tourists worldwide for being the “yoga capital of the world”. It also offers aesthetic waterfalls, breathtaking & picturesque spots next to River Ganga, adventure sports and the best artists.

Heaven for solo travelers as it offers plenty of unique cafes and hostels.

✅ Raw Diaries certifies Rishikesh to be safe for women & solo travellers

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Chhitkul is a small village in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh and apart from breathtaking views Chhitkul is also known for being the “last Indian village (before Tibet border starts)”. It is a very underrated trekking destination.

It actually has few magnificent treks namely the Tiranga Trek, Ghost House Trek and Black Glacier Trek. It also has the famous “Hindustan ka Akhiri Dhaba where some celebrities like Sara Ali Khan and Khali had visited and had their special Rajma and Kadi Chawal.
Heaven for bagpackers and trekkers.

Raw Diaries certifies Karwar to be safe for women & solo travellers.

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